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Alexandrite and pearl are the gems associated with the month of June. The discovery of alexandrite is quite fascinating and traces back to While collecting emeralds in Russia, miners gathered what they thought were green gems. Upon further examination, they noticed that the stones exuded a red tint in certain lights.

They had never seen anything like it before, which marked the beginning of a tremendous discovery. More specifically, it honored Alexander II. Russian aristocrats regarded alexandrite as their most prized gemstone, which ultimately inspired them to begin supplying the stone. After years of mining, it looked as though alexandrite was going extinct.

Fortunately, more were found in Ceylon and Brazil. George Kunz, a gem buyer, had a deep-seated interest in alexandrite. To acquire the stone, he traveled all the way to Russia. Kunz worked for Tiffany and Co. With his pull, he managed to get Tiffany and Co.

As a result, Tiffany and Co. This corporate giant is credited with popularizing the gem. Though alexandrite is beloved by many, its high price makes it less accessible. With that said, alexandrite is most commonly purchased by the exceedingly wealthy. Interactions with alexandrite are thought to produce good luck. In Russia, specifically, alexandrite is related to good fortune.

By balancing physical properties with spiritual elements, alexandrite creates favorable outcomes. As a result, healing energies are dispersed throughout the body.

When faced with hardship, alexandrite has the potential to turn your situation around. Alexandrite inspires us to unleash our inner artist. Imagination runs wild in the presence of alexandrite. Those in need of inspiration are encouraged to consult with this gem.

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With time, ingenuity will bubble to the surface. Growing stagnant can be the kiss of death for creatives, making alexandrite a godsend.June 15th am by Svetlana Pantelic Posted in Blog. June is one of the only two months that has three birthstones associated with it, giving the lucky people born in June a choice of gemstones between pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.

Now, the time has come for a unique and precious alexandrite. In alexandrite is included as a birthstone on the American National Association of the Jewelers list. The alexandrite stone is an exceptionally rare color-changing variety of chrysoberyl. This unique gemstone is renowned for its rare ability to change color in different light, which is a result of the complex way the mineral absorbs light. Color-changing alexandrite.

Green in sunlight, red in the lamplight. Due to it being second in hardness to only diamonds, sapphire and ruby, and its unique color, Alexandrite jewelry is extremely popular. Those first alexandrites were of extremely outstanding quality and displayed vivid hues and dramatic color change. The gem was named after the young Alexander II, heir apparent to the throne. The more recent deposits contain some fine-quality stones, but many display less-precise color change and muddier hues than the nineteenth-century Russian alexandrites.

A natural alexandrite from the Ural Mountains of Russia. On the left, it shows a dark crimson tone in the evening, under incandescent light, on the right, it displays a pale green color in the daylight.


Later that evening, while looking at the specimen under candlelight, he was surprised to see that the color of the stone had changed to raspberry-red instead of green. They wore rings with it, quite often with a diamond on each side, symbolizing the two main acts of Alexander II: the cancellation of serfdom and the new judicial administration. It was unearthed in Sri Lanka and holds a cushion mixed cut.

Typical of most alexandrite, the Smithsonian jewel is red and green in color and weighs It is currently one of the rarest, and most valuable, jewels in the world.

There is a range of myths and opinions regarding what the true alexandrite meaning is and what it can bring to the wearer. Since it was first found Alexandrite meaning has been linked to good luck, a vast fortune, and love in addition to aiding creativity and inspiring the imagination.

It is frequently used as a talisman, healing stone or just as jewelry. Symbolizing confidence and self-esteem, the gemstone provides its wearer a positive belief boost and optimistic feeling. That is why many people also use this stone as a protective charm. Considered by many as a stone of the remarkably good omen, cultures all over the world have developed various beliefs and views on alexandrite meaning. We will explore a few of them.

Alexandrite meaning is believed to remind us of our purpose in life and our origin; it provides hope to those who are in despair about their lives.Having such a wonderful choice, which birthstone is for you? Well, it may be the gem that reflects your personality, it may be the birthstone that you feel most connected to, it may be the birth gem that you like the most or that suits you better, or it may be all of them.

Humans were always intrigued about possessing a gemstone that is more than just a gem set in a ring or a necklace. A rock with spiritual and mental connection, something close to our heart and soul - a birthstone. Most birthstones are assigned to months and are based on biblical Aaron's breastplate gemstones or the gems from the foundation of New Jerusalem.

I have picked the 4 most authoritative in my opinion lists of birthstones: by birth month, guardian angel birthstones, by zodiac sign, and special apostle birthstones list. Muriel is assigned as a guardian angel of June.

alexandrite stone birthstone

Muriel was a female angel responsible for bringing peace and harmony, teaching love and compassion. He is a patron of India, Sri Lanka and Croatia, and also considered a patron of builders and skeptics. Pearl June birth gem - birthdays between June 1 and Like coral, pearl is a byproduct of flora and fauna but is nevertheless a gemstone. Pearl is considered by many the most beautiful of all gemstones. When mentioned in ancient manuscripts, this birthstone cannot be confused with any other gem.

Though sea pearls are the largest and, arguably, the most stunning, freshwater pearls are popular as well have been known for centuries. Mary Queen of Scots possessed a 52 pearl necklace with gems fetched from Scottish rivers. It was also assumed to offer protection for those who work at sea like seamen or divers. Cleopatra was rumored to use this birthstone for medicinal purposes. There was another popular legend stating that pearls lose their luster if they are kept away from human body warmth.

In the most recent times, pearl has become a symbol of high refinement and has been considered the birthstone for a cultured person. Moonstone June birthstone - birthdays between June 1 and This birthstone comes in blue hues and looks like a beam of moonlight on water.

Hence the name — moonstone. It has to be cut into a cabochon in order for the beam to be revealed. This gem was treasured for life and buried with people as an amulet for afterlife.A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person's period of birth that is usually the month or zodiac sign.

Birthstones are often worn as jewelry or as a pendant necklace. The first century Jewish historian Josephus believed there was a connection between the twelve stones in Aaron's breastplate signifying the tribes of Israel, as described in the Book of Exodusthe twelve months of the year, and the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Jeromereferencing Josephus, said the Foundation Stones of the New Jerusalem Revelation —20 would be appropriate for Christians to use. In the eighth and ninth century, religious treatises associating a particular stone with an apostle were written, so that "their name would be inscribed on the Foundation Stones, and his virtue. Kunz places the custom in eighteenth century Polandwhile the Gemological Institute of America starts it in Germany in the s.

Modern lists of birthstones have little to do with either the breastplate or the Foundation Stones of Christianity. Tastes, customs and confusing translations have distanced them from their historical origins, [3] : with one author calling the Kansas list see below "nothing but a piece of unfounded salesmanship. There are poems which match each month of the Gregorian calendar with a birthstone. These are traditional stones of English-speaking societies.

Inin an effort to standardize birthstones, the American National Association of Jewelers now called Jewelers of America met in Kansas and officially adopted a list. Eastern cultures recognize a similar range of gemstones associated with birth, though rather than associating a gem with a birth month, gemstones are associated with celestial bodies, and astrology is employed to determine the gemstones most closely associated with and beneficial to a particular individual.

For example, in Hinduism there are nine gemstones associated with the Navagraha celestial forces including the planets, the sun, and the moonknown in Sanskrit as Navaratna nine gems.

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At birth, an astrological chart is calculated, and certain stones are recommended to be worn on the body to ward off potential problems based on the place of these forces in the sky at the exact place and time of birth. While the term "birthday stone" is sometimes used as a synonym for birthstone, each day of the week is also assigned a unique gemstone and these assignments are distinct from the monthly assignments.

Garnetthe birthstone for January. Amethystthe birthstone for February. Aquamarinethe birthstone for March. Diamondthe birthstone for April. Emeraldthe birthstone for May.

June Birthstones: Pearl and Alexandrite Gemstone Meaning

Pearlone of three June birthstones. Moonstoneone of three June birthstones. Alexandriteone of three June birthstones. Rubythe birthstone for July. Peridotthe modern birthstone for August. Sardonyxthe traditional birthstone for August. Spinela more recent alternative birthstone for August.

Sapphirethe birthstone for September. Lapis lazulithe traditional birthstone for September. Opalone of two October birthstones.

alexandrite stone birthstone

Citrineone of two November birthstones. Turquoiseone of three December birthstones. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about gemstones associated with a person's birth date. For the magic stone which is supposed to make birth easier, see Aetites. Gemstones representing a person's birth month. Tourmalineone of two October birthstones. Topazone of two November birthstones.

Tanzaniteone of three December birthstones.If you were born in the month of June, you are lucky enough to have three birthstones to call your own.


June is one of only three months the others are August and December that has three birthstones, giving you a variety of beautiful birthstone choices. The June birthstones are pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. With so many attractive options, individuals with June birthdays can have a birthstone that fits their mood or budget, due to the different colors and price points these gems offer.

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This enchanting June birthstone originates from oceans, lakes and rivers around the world. It is a timeless wardrobe staple, beloved by women of all ages. Ancients from the Middle East believed that pearls were teardrops fallen from heaven. The Chinese fancied that the June birthstone came from the brain of a dragon.

Christopher Columbus and his contemporaries thought that mollusks formed pearls from dew drops. Natural pearls form when the mollusk secretes a substance called nacre around an irritant such as a piece of sand or a parasite that has invaded its shell. Cultured pearls are a product of human intervention. Technicians implant a piece of mantle tissue alone common for freshwater cultured pearls or with a mother-of-pearl shell bead all saltwater into a host mollusk.

The mollusk covers the irritant with nacre, just like a natural pearl. Cultured pearls are raised in pearl farms — saltwater or freshwater operations where the mollusks are cleaned, protected from predators and eventually harvested.

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Thousands of years of pearl fishing have decimated the natural pearl beds, so cultured pearls account for the vast majority of pearl sales today. These cultured pearl birthstones come in a dazzling array of sizes, colors and shapes. Pearls have long been associated with purity, humility and innocence. So it may be said that the June birthstone meaning is "sweet simplicity. In Asia, pearls were believed to help alleviate indigestion and hemorrhages.

It became a prized possession of European royalty. Pearl-bearing mollusks fail to thrive in polluted waters, so pearl farms are usually located far from civilization — and often in breathtaking settings. Akoya cultured pearl farms are primarily found in Japan and China, especially along the southern coasts of Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. South Sea cultured pearls are farmed from the northern coast of Australia through Indonesia to the southern coast of Southeast Asia, with large operations in the Philippines as well.

The Gambier Islands and the Tuamotu Archipelago, both part of French Polynesia, are two locales where the rich black Tahitian pearls are cultured. China is the dominant source of freshwater cultured pearls. Starting in the 16th century, during Spanish colonial rule, large quantities of pearls were recovered from the waters off Mexico, Central America and what is now Venezuela.

Only small quantities of pearls are found in any of these areas today.Birthstone Jewelry. Create Your Own Keepsake. Lab Alexandrite Engagement Rings. Lab Alexandrite Rings. Lab Alexandrite Earrings and Pendants. Alexandrite Meaning, Powers and History The Meaning and History of Alexandrite Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June along with the pearl and the Anniversary stone for the 55th year of marriage. It does not share the ancient history and lore of most other gems due to the fact that it was first discovered in the 19th Century.

One miner gathered some stones, which looked like emeralds and took them back to the camp at the end of the day. But in the light of the campfire, the stones shone a brilliant shade of red! The miners were perplexed. When morning came and they saw that the stones were green again in the light, they realized that they had found a new and mysterious gem. Inthe stones were identified and named "alexandrites.

In time, alexandrite would become one of the most prized gemstones amongst Russian Aristocracy. However, the abundance of alexandrites in Russia did not last forever. However, just when the gems were thought to be headed to extinction, even larger deposits were found in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, the island south of India.

Later on, Brazil became another contributor to the world supply of the stone. Design Your Own Family Keepsake Combine Lab Alexandrite with any gemstone to create your own unique family keepsake with the birthstones of your loved ones, or your favorite combination of colors.

Select a gold color:. While Alexandrites found favor in the jewelry salons of St. No one knows exactly how much of the gemstone he bought, but Tiffany had reserves so large, that it cornered the market on the stone for decades. For much of the 20th Century, there were no new discoveries of the mineral, and so it became very rare.

alexandrite stone birthstone

Then ina new find was made at Hematita, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Inthere was another major find on the border of Tanzania and Mozambique. It is based on centuries of folklore, most of which camethe birthstones of your loved ones, or your favorite combination of colors about before the age of modern medicine.

It is not meant as actual medical information. For advice about any of the illnesses listed, please visit a qualified physician.

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Since the discovery of alexandrite, the gemstone has been thought to bring luck, good fortune and love. In Russiait is considered to be a stone of very good omen.

Alexandrite Meaning, Powers and History

It is believed to bring balance in the interaction between the physical manifest world and the unmanifest spiritual, or astral world. It opens the crown chakra, bringing one access to the warm, healing energy and love of the universe.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In western astrology, it is regarded as the June month birthstone and is majorly worn for healing and jewellery purposes.

Although Alexandrite is considered as a new gem variety, the mystical allure and immense rarity have made this gemstone highly sought-after amongst the collectors and gemstone jewelry lovers.

Click here to know if Alexandrite suits you! In crystal healing therapies also, this gemstone is revered for its strong healing properties and metaphysical powers.

Some of the most important benefits of wearing Alexandrite gemstone are mentioned below. Find out whether Alexandrite stone is right for you, using our Free Gemstone Recommendation Tool or Take an In-depth Phone Consultation with our Astrologers to find the right gemstone for you.

Whether buying an Alexandrite to add a new jewellery piece in your collection or to gain its healing benefits, it is always important to invest your hard earned money in a good quality natural gemstone. According to the gem experts, the primary qualification for a Chrysoberyl to be considered Alexandrite is a distinct color change effect or Alexandrite effect. However, origin, clarity and cut are also important factors that should be checked before making a purchase of the best quality Alexandrite.

Alexandrite is regarded as a semi-precious gemstone but can fetch prices equivalent to a fine ruby or emerald. It is because Alexandrite gemstones are not just remarkably beauty but increasingly rare in nature. Alexandrite stone value in the market is determining by considering a variety of factors including its color change property, origin, clarity, cut and carat weight. We provide Alexandrite loose stones for sale in India.

alexandrite stone birthstone

According to the Historians, Alexandrite meaning relates to a very interesting story. Alexandrite was named in the honor of Russian ruler Czar Alexandrite II, especially because this gemstone was discovered on his birthday. It is one of the most sought-after color changing variety of gemstone that is used for making precious designer jewellery and in healing therapies.

Regarded as a mind-blowing combination of beauty and utility, Alexandrite can be a wonderful addition to your gemstone collection. You can browse our exquisite collection of genuine Alexandrite available for sale at the most budget-friendly price. For a better understanding of its quality, price and benefits, you can read our comprehensive Alexandrite buying guide. Alexandrite is quite a precious gemstone, therefore, must be purchased with utmost care.

Getting a lab certified stone from a trusted Alexandrite wholesaler or retailer is the best way to ensure the quality and authenticity of your purchase.

In the market, Alexandrite synthetic, lab created, or lab-made gems do exist.

June Birthstone, Alexandrite - \

Whether buying Alexandrite online or from a local store, choosing the right dealer is the most crucial aspect. Buying a valuable gem from a fraudulent dealer may lead to some unpleasant surprises and significant loss of money. Therefore, we always advise buyers to purchase valuable gems like Alexandrite from a supplier that provide lab certificates and high-quality photos and videos for a better understanding of the quality and authenticity.

Our highly qualified Gem Experts will provide your guidance throughout your journey of buying a natural Alexandrite that you always to get for yourself. Contact us now! Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options! Regular Price: RUB59, Special Price RUB47, Regular Price: RUB71,